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Introduction to our clients

Both public and private sector organisations such as Education Authorities, Independent Schools, Insurance Companies, Train Operators and the NHS use the Asset-Pro service. We have built long-term, ongoing relationships with our clients, based on our ability to meet their needs. On this page you will find a selection of comments from clients who are using the Asset-Pro service.

Southern Railway
Ian Williams
Norwich Union
South Eastern Railway
Pilkington Glass

Client testimonials

Paul Trevett, Southern Facilities Manager

"We believe Asset-Pro has brought a number of benefits to our business including more effective planning and budgeting as well as ensuring compliance with statutory legislation. They assessed our needs and tailored their product to reflect those needs”

Stephen Beadle, Associate Director, Miller Construction

"We are very pleased at how successfully this integrated event and asset management system has underpinned our ongoing Lifecycle maintenance programme for Glasgow's Secondary schools estate."

Dave Waldock, Southern Contracts Manager in Facilities

Referring to business continuity during the heaviest snow for 30 years in December 2010: “The full web-based capability of Asset-Pro ensured that the help desk was able to continue as normal, even though staff were unable to reach Southern’s offices in Croydon due to poor weather.”

Bob Steven, Managing Director Hollywell Systems

“If implemented and operated correctly by the client, the savings potential for them must be significant. When bidding for FM contracts, we offer Asset-Pro as our platform and various clients have shown interest. However, there is always going to be that inertia of the status quo and it isn't until the system is in place and operating efficiently that they start to appreciate just what it can bring to their organisation...”

Case studies

Glasgow 3ED, a consortium formed to invest in, manage and maintai estate over a 30-year period.

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Find out more information about how Asset-Pro systems are used to manage aspects such as life cycle costing and providing consultancy support.

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Featured Articles

Our commitment to green issues

Asset-Pro contributes to McNulty report on GB rail

Better asset management is identified as key to the delivery of cost savings across the UK rail network as illustrated by an Asset-Pro client’s experience.

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Potential cost savings

Achieve your sustainability goals with Asset-Pro

Whether you’re involved in new build, retrofit or ongoing maintenance, Asset-Pro will help you achieve your sustainability targets.

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